Playing Poker: Your Options in the Modern Age

I wrote an article earlier about arcade games, which you can read about here. But one type of gaming I didn't talk about were casino games, and more specifically, poker and slots. If you walk into a casino in Vegas or even at a local casinos (if you have any in your area), you'll quickly see that slots machines greatly outnumber every other type of game available. In fact, the vast majority of the floor space will be devoted to slot machines, even when you factor in bar space, and space dedicated to larger games like craps and blackjack. The other hugely popular game is of course poker, and you'll typically find that poker rooms are very large and crowded.


So obviously, if you enjoy playing slots or poker, going to any physical casino is clearly the easiest way to play the game. One problem with this, however, is that not everyone lives close to a casino. And even when they do, they may not always feel like getting in their car and taking a drive, just to play a game. This is where online slots come in.

At the outset, you should be aware that you can play slots or poker in two different ways. First, you can play purely for fun, and if you choose this option, you will be betting using fake credits that cannot be exchanged for real money. The other option, of course, is to play for real money. This becomes a bit more complicated, as you need to find a way to fund your account. The easiest method for doing that as of this writing is to simply buy some bitcoin and transfer money into your account. By doing so, you'll be able to play bitcoin poker or slots almost immediately. (See a list of current bitcoin and dogecoin poker casinos at Funding with bitcoin beats other methods of funding your account because it is a lot quicker and more convenient, for reasons that I won't go to in this article. That said, if you are interested in learning more about bitcoin, there are plenty of articles available online, as well as videos on the subject on Youtube. You'll even find some online courses on bitcoin if you really want to explore this subject in depth.